AA Route Finder VS Google Maps

1. Ease of search functions

-  AA Route Finder: for finding directions from A to B, it is easier and faster because it starts with the From and To search boxes.

-  Google Maps: it does not start with a direction search, so user needs to click on Get Directions tab to enter the direction search mode.

2. Layout

- AA Route Finder: it has banners at the top, bottom, as well as on the side reducing the map size on the screen

- Google Maps: simple, non-cluttered and ad-free interface

3. User interface

- AA Route Finder: colour code for different roads are helpful, road names are shown very prominently, and each point has option of viewing maphotels, and restaurants. Also parking and traffic information is available.

- Google Maps: shows direction icons indicating different turns and merges. Street view and Google Earth option may be helpful. Has an option to make it semi-full screen.

4. Loading speed

- AA Route Finder: has extra features, but slower than Google Maps

- Google Maps: loads maps much faster and smoother way

5. Route options

- AA Route Finder: add via by typing in the location, option of avoiding motorways and tolls

- Google Maps: add via by dragging the route directly on the map, not as much specification available specifically for UK and European routes.