Are you using AA Route Finder to plan your trips?

If you are planning on taking a road trip sometime soon, I'm glad that you found my website, where you will learn about the best road planning tool in the UK and surrounding European countries.

I made this site so that you will benefit from some of the greatest features that AA Route Finder provides, which no other tools offer to the same degree. Please read on for more information

Planning a trip in the near future? Not sure which route to take to best plan your trip? 

AA route finder is one of UK's best route planners that you will ever come across. Its interactive interface will help you find not only the shortest route, but also the fastest route, which is not necessarily the shortest one.


How to use AA Route Finder

All you need to do is to type in the departure and the destination points at the top left corner of the website. You are given an option of adding a "via" point, where you would like to stop by during the trip. You will also have a route option, where you can choose to avoid motorways or tolls/congestion charging. Once you have specified all the details of your trip, just click on "Get Route," and it will compute the best route for you within a second or two.


AA route finder covers Great Britain, Ireland, and the rest of the Europe. You can easily print the route information, and when you do this, make sure to open up the print-friendly version of the page by clicking on the little printer sign on the left.


One of the best features that I like the most about AA route finder is the ability to locate hotels or restaurants at any given point of your route. With other route planners that I have used, it was not as easy to find a restaurant at a specific point during the trip - it was quite annoying to zoom into the area first and search for a restaurant. Some times you will loose the route information when you search for a local information such as restaurants or hotels nearby. With AA route finder, all you need to do is just hover your mouse over to the location where you would like to perform the search, and the hotel or restaurant search option will pop up, which will display the information directly on the map.


I much prefer the AA route finder over any other route planners that exist, and I believe you will find the same, once you start using it.

If you are planning a road trip within or to UK, AA route finder is something that you are definitely interested in looking into.


AA Route Planner


With this amazing tool by AA, you can plan out your entire trip with just a few clicks of buttons. What is so good about this route planner is that it will always give you the fastest route you can take from point A to B. This may not necessarily be the shortest route, but it takes the traffic speed and road conditions into account, computing the best possible route you can take to make your trip smoothest.


I have recently found about this route planner, and I love the convenience of using it more than any other programs. If the peace of mind is important to you, that you will be well prepared with the tool provided by the well-trusted company like AA, then you will also find yourself using this tool a lot more often like me.


One neat feature that I found about AA autoroute planner UK is that it gives you an option to take or avoid motorway. It is a personal preference, and some people like to enjoy the sights while they are driving. This option can be found from the Route options menu, right next to the Add via option in the search.


If you are planning a road trip to or within UK, be sure to check out AA route finder, and you will surely appreciate the convenience it will provide for your route planning.

How to Use AA Route Finder

10 Journey Panning Tips for Road Trips

1.      Make a list

a.     Make a list in advance to avoid forgetting any important items 

b.     Making a list before start packing will save you a lot of time

c.      Making a list can help you plan how to most effectively pack your bag

2.      Do the research

a.     Take the time to research and plan out the trip so you won't be sorry

b.     Plan out the routes so that you will use your time effectively

c.      Use Google to look up various activities and attractions of the area

3.      Clothing

a.     Better to bring versatile clothes and be prepared to wear layers depending on the weather conditions

b.     If you are bringing winter jackets, put it at the bottom of your bag so that the weight of the rest of your items will help reducing the volume

c.      Do the research to find out the appropriate clothing for the culture and weather

4.      Maps

a.     Use online services such as AA Route Finder

b.     Update your GPS to the latest version and download GPS apps to your smartphone if you do not have one already

c.      Make sure to also bring a paper copy of the map

d.     If you are planning on water activities, put the paper maps in Ziploc bags to prevent from getting wet

5.      Cellphone

a.     Change your plans accordingly with your provider or get a prepaid roaming SIM cards when travelling across the border

b.     Get a car charger for your cellphone

6.      Gas stops

a.     Include gas stops in your planning to prevent the unfortunate situations

b.     When travelling long distance, it is a good idea to bring a gas tank

7.      Packing

a.     Put the bigger items in the centre and smaller ones on the side

b.     Roll up your T-shirts, underwear, and socks and stuff them in the empty spaces

c.      Try to avoid bringing high-volume or heavy items

8.      Music

a.     Make sure you have variety of music that everyone can enjoy

b.     Consider getting an FM transmitter to use with your iPod

9.      Camera

a.     Empty your memory cards in advance

b.     Bring a laptop if you want backups during your trip

10.   Emergency car kit

a.     Always prepare for the worst case scenarios

b.     Be prepared with a jumper cable

Why would anyone use AA Route Finder over a Google Maps?

You may have already noticed that AA Route Finder also uses Google Maps as their mapping display solution. Some people also complain that the loading speed of the AA Route planner is significantly slower than the one of Google Maps'.  However, there are still unique and distinct advantages that you will find about AA Route Planner.


One of AA's unique features is the parking spotting feature. While you are browsing through your direction results, simply zoom into the area you are interested in and enable the parking option by clicking on the parking button found at the top of the map screen. AA Route Finder is integrated with Parkopedia and finds some of these identified parking spots for you.


Right next to the parking button, there also are traffic alert and traffic speed options. Go ahead and check off these options, and the known traffic information will be updated right on the map for you to best plan out the trip according to the road conditions.


Some people find this somewhat annoying, but sometimes I find the hotel ads at the bottom of the page useful. If you are planning a road trip and also looking for a place to stay, you can catch two birds with one stone, possibly saving you time and providing the convenience.


Lastly, one of the local advantages that AA Route Finder has over Google Maps is the traffic news feed. This is found on the second tab on the left side of the side, right above the "From" text box. You can specify the location that you would like to look up for the traffic information, and the traffic situation will be updated on the map directly. They also provide the 24-hour traffic news service via phone, you can simply call 84322(theAA) from any regular phones to get the latest updates on the road situations.